The Last Waltz: Review

I gladly present The Last Waltz, this MUST READ by talented author Murray Pura. Taken from an anthology of short fiction stories, set in 1863 during the cilvil war era. Description: Charity Davis has not seen her husband Mitchell since he enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861. But war comes to northwestern Georgia in September 1863 at a place called … Continue reading The Last Waltz: Review

Review on the Series ‘Love Is’

It is an honor to do book reviews for new author, Lila Diller! She started the contemporary Christian Romance series,  Love is based on 1 Corinthians 13. Her   Love is Not Arrogant or Rude: 1 in the "Love is" Series (Love is...Series)introduces Morgan’s saga in a fictional, college town in North Carolina. Synopsis: Is True Love for … Continue reading Review on the Series ‘Love Is’

From One Backslider to Another

     As I looked up scriptures that talked about love, I came across Hoseas 14:4. 'I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for mine anger is turned away from him.'    I stared at it for a moment not knowing this verse existed, feeling overwhelmed at God's love and mercy that … Continue reading From One Backslider to Another

Why I Started and Why I Quit Modeling

I usually don’t reblog, but this is such a good message by Tatiana, especially for anyone that struggles with self confidence and low self esteem. I’ve struggled with insecurities most of my life feeling less valuable than people surrounding me, so this is such a great message. As an adult I’m more confident knowing Jesus loves me, but I wish I had believed this 10 years ago. When we think lower of ourselves we tend to limit ourselves and miss out on so many life opportunities, as well as degrading ourselves by lowering our standards to please others. Word!

Holy Spirit, You are welcomed here.

I was in a previous relationship with a guy that modeled. Every photo shoot I went to with him, I would get tons of comments from people saying I should model. I laughed it off. I was in several photo shoots with the previous boyfriend and the photographers were constantly complimenting me and saying how great we were doing. During the time, I struggled with wanting the world’s approval so it felt great to hear I was doing great. I grew up in a performance based household so it made my feel like I was finally performing well. I ended the relationship because the more he traveled, the more we didn’t see each other and we quit growing as a couple. After I broke up with him, he quit modeling to try to be with me again. Word of advice: Don’t quit your job because of a boyfriend or girlfriend…

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Loving Your Enemies

Since February is the month of 'love', I decided to post a bible verse daily about amor on my Facebook page. So this past weekend I searched twenty-something scriptures, so I wouldn't be scrambling daily during the week looking for the 'perfect' verse. This is when I, came across the passage of Luke 6:27-35, the one that … Continue reading Loving Your Enemies