Thoughts on Romans7

Happy Sunday everyone!  A year ago yesterday , I started Journaling on my bible reading by picking a scripture/passage that stands out to me from the chapter I’m on. Even though I  still have a lot to learn, it has helped me grow a lot over the year. My goal was to start memorizing these verses, but haven’t dedicated the time I should to them :/.  However, I am glad to have saved them so that I can revisit, and now share some of these thoughts in between my book reports :). I hope not to bore you’ll :).

Romans 7 seems to be full of tongue twisters. Paul is like ‘For that which I do I allow not; but what I hate, that I do.’ And his twisters intensify, but I can honesty relay to him, I want to live a godly life but it’s difficult and I don’t always do as I would like to because as he says in v14, ‘….I am carnal’. My flesh does not always want to sit down and study his word or put him first. I must do my best and try harder, and when I fail I must remember we are all human and his grace extends to us all. I believe when we mess up that keeps us humble and we learn from our mistakes that if we allow, will make us more stronger in his word and love❤.




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