Thoughts on 1Corinthians 7

Happy Saturday everyone!  1Corinthians 7:23 ‘Ye are bought with a price; be Ye not servants of men.’
We belong to Christ cuz he died for us and we are to serve him not men. A preacher once said that whoever we fear that is who we will serve. So if we are worried about what others will think of us or fear what man will do to us for obeying God’s word,  we will likely not do what God says, thus making us servants of man and not of God. May we always remember who we serve! Enjoy you’lls weekend!

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on 1Corinthians 7

  1. Thank you for this post. Sometimes things arrive just at the right moment and this reminder about whose ‘word’ we should listen to and follow was just perfect for me ….and enjoy your weekend too!

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