Final thoughts on 1Corinthians

Happy Tuesday! I really enjoyed revisiting the book of 1Corinthians. In a future post I will talk more about my bible journaling and how it has helped me, but for now let me wrap it up with the last two chapters:).

1Corinthians 15:41 talks about the glory of the sun, moon and how the glory of the stars differ from one another. Although he was talking about something else it made me think of chap 12 where he talks about body members having different functions. I thought of how His Spirit makes us glow yet we differ from one another as the stars.

Then in 1Corinthians 16, after mentioning love in so many of his chapters, he gives one last reminder at the end of his letter.Β  V14 ‘Let all that you do be done in love’. Simple sentence great message. ❀

In short, What better way to let our light glow or shine than by allowing His love to flow through our actions. 😍

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