Thoughts on Galatians 2 ðŸ’­

Galatians 2:16 says we are justified by faith not by the works of the law. I’m sure Paul was speaking of the law of Moses that the Jews followed, but I believe it can be applied to all. We can go through the steps of salvation or even go through the motions of volunteering and doing good deeds but, if we don’t have faith in Jesus our work is useless in justifying us.

33 thoughts on “Thoughts on Galatians 2 ðŸ’­

  1. That is correct Jessy because God is Holy and being partially good doesn’t make us Holy like God is. We are justified in God’s sight because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, giving His life for our sins and our faith in Him and what He accomplished for us, that we in ourselves could not do, as per Galatians 3:24 Good works without faith in Christ is man trying to be at one with God through his/her own actions (which the Law showed us could not be done) while works done after accepting what God has done for us is (faith in His Work for us), the continuing process of being made Holy while we are already justified in God’s sight as per Hebrews 10:14. Grace and blessings!

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    1. So true, I didn’t even stop to ponder that! They go hand in hand. I think the book of james talks about faith with work and 1 Corinthians 13 works without love 🤔. Thank you for stopping by and giving a wider prospective! God bless you! 💕

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  2. To the best of my ability, I believe Paul was explaining the difference between the law of sin and death and the law of Grace. We shouldn’t be under the law of sin but be steadfast in the Grace of God. The Lord helped me study this and write a Sunday school lesson about it. I tried to make it more reader friendly and I posted it on my blog. I hope you can read it sometime. And thank you for following my site! I’m glad to have you aboard!

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  3. Jessy –
    Forgive me if I am not quite right on attempting to read your thoughts.

    It seems to me you are combining the essence of this scripture — Faith trumps actions — with Jesus’ teaching on Himself as the vine and we as branches, and hence, it is difficult for fruit to be produced if there is a separation between the two (John 15: 4&5).

    I think the same way — there are parallel ideas here. Paul was pointing specifically to rituals Moses gave to the Israelites; Jesus, in a generic way, the connectedness between you and Him.

    There’s that Faith thing.

    Paul also states this differently in Col. 1: 27 where the difference in walking with God vs. not truly walking with Him as, “Christ IN you. . .” (my emphasis)

    I like your thoughts.


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