Harm not the Oil and Wine 🍷: Book Review

I want to thank Author Beverly Wright, for reaching out to me in April about reading her book. She has been more than patient with me as I reviewed this gem.

This is my first non-fiction book, as most of you know I focus mostly on Christian Fiction but, I’m actually thinking of changing that up :). Without further ado I present to you:Β Harm Not The Oil And Wine



I was given this book in exchange for an honest book review and if I had to use one word to describe it, I’d say, Deep.

I was moved and blessed by author Beverly’s personal testimony and I love that she backs up her writing with Bible reference. The book is divided in two parts. I will use direct quote for her descriptions :

Part One of this book introduces you to a powerful but merciful God and explains how to develop an intimate relationship with Him. The enemy of God and man is also exposed with detailed information of his defeat.

Part One was refreshing to me, as Beverly reviews the Bible and uses a wide range of bible examples and scriptures to emphasize God’s mercy on his people.

God is unchanging, so His principle of mercy continues in our present dispensation until the end of this world and beyond. The proof is shown in the book of Revelation and noted in Part Two of this book. What is the revelation of Jesus Christ? Why is Christ the beginning and the end and why was He the only person qualified to open the seven seals?

Part Two was goes deeper and hadΒ me pondering, searching scriptures, and reaching for God’s understanding.

I honestly have never read the book of Revelation. In part it has been because,Β  growing up I’d hear adults argue it’sΒ  interpretation. Also, I had many night mares when I’d hear them talk about the end times. I am starting to realize how ignorant I am in this topic and how fortunate we are to have God reveal so many of his mysteries. I say this because this book focuses a lotΒ on prophesies including but not limited to Daniel and Revelation. I’m not sure I agree with everything Beverly says but,Β  I am probably not the best qualify person to debate. If anything this book has made me realize how much I need to grow spiritually and not shy away from prophecy I don’t understand, but seek his wisdom. Throughout the book the question was asked, ‘What time is it?’ Well is time for me to have a more intimate relationship with my savior and he longs for it to. To have that closeness with mankind that he intended with Adam and Eve before the fall.Β Β πŸ’•

I rate this book a 4 star, and I recommend to anyone who loves prophecies or yearns to understand them more, all the while getting answers to simpler questions in life.


You can connect with author Beverly Wright on her inspiring:



12 thoughts on “Harm not the Oil and Wine 🍷: Book Review

  1. Thank you so much Jessica. Your review is honest and I know from your heart and and I do appreciate it. This book is supposed to do exactly what you did. It is to encourage us to return to the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to direct our interpretation of it. Throughout the years many of us have been relying on man’s interpretation of the scripture. Even though a person might be highly qualified in theology it doesn’t mean that he might not miss something. In this present time that we are living God wants each of us to have a personal relationship with Him so that He can teach us His Word, and when He does it won’t be controversial. My daughter released the book last year September. I will be posting on Facebook.

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  2. The Book of Revelation is kind of a hard book for many. It has a lot of symbolism and it scares people. I can definitely say we’re further into this book than we realize.

    It takes a real hunger and thirst for understanding. But we have a promise from the Lord that is we ask anything in His Name, He will do it. We just have to show the Lord we truly want this wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

    Great review and post!

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  3. Thank you! Before I did not have the interest in knowing but, I believe this book has open my eyes, and stirred a hunger for that knowledge. Like I said I’m not sure I agreed with everything but I’m still learning πŸ™‚

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  4. I think it’s outstanding that you’re studying about it! It’s encouraging to see people can see what’s going on and they know what time it is. Keep praying and studying! And we can learn from each other!

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