Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review

Was such a charming book!


I love the friendship author Randy demonstrates here and his good sense of humor had me smiling throughout the story. Also, the acknowledgement that God changes lives when one surrenders does not go unnoticed.

There were many Point of Views but it was easy to follow and I didn’t really mind. It was so cozy, it had me reminiscing my childhood :). As one character says at the end ‘It’s a blessing one cup of coffee at a time’.

The author gave me a copy for an honest review and I am not required to write a good one. I rate it a 3.5 🌟 .

Without further ado I present:

Dunzy’s Coffee Shop

Product description

“Welcome to Dunzy’s Coffee Shop- a place of laughter, a place to gather with friends old and new, a place where you can come as you are. So grab a cup of coffee, take a seat by the fireplace with a good book, and enjoy the fresh brewed aroma of the Dunzy’s Coffee Shop atmosphere.”

Dunzy’s Coffee Shop is about forgiveness, love, and the friendships of nerds.

13 thoughts on “Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review

                  1. I’m so incredibly not like that lol!! The last book I read was about 80 something pages about accounts from the Civil War. But because it’s something that kept me interested, I read it in an hour or more. It takes a certain something to keep me reading. The only book (other than history or the Bible) that caught me and I’d read again is To Kill A Mockingbird.

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