Something to Smile About

Happy Sunday! This week I selected, a couple of animal posts that brought a smile to my lips. I love God's creation and it's amazing to see their intelligence :). Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring joy to our lives. Enjoy!

A Fall of Marigolds : Audio Review

This week I also listened to,A Fall of Marigolds, by Susan Meissner. This was an awesome time-slip novel were she brilliantly connects the history of the factory fire in Manhattan in September 1911 with the trade towers in 911, using a scarf.  The romance was a bit weak to me but still a great story.  … Continue reading A Fall of Marigolds : Audio Review

Between Heaven and the Real World: Audio Review

This was such a great and encouraging autobiography by Steven Curtis Chapman. He speaks of how he grew up loving music, his conversion, entry into the music industry, the struggles & pain that inspired many of his moving songs and ultimately the death of his daughter. I borrowed this one from the library but just … Continue reading Between Heaven and the Real World: Audio Review

Hidden Peril: Book Review

This book is very intriguing and was a lot of fun trying to figure out who done it. I pretty much assumed it's all tied in with the Syrian killing that started the book but boy were there unexpected turns!  The mystery of all these killings somehow being tied in to this girl's shop kept me … Continue reading Hidden Peril: Book Review

My October Audio Books

Happy Saturday, I hope everyone is enjoying their first weekend of month! Yesterday was full of appointments and sleep. Today we had rummage sale before heading out to my daughter's volleyball game 🏐  . Last month I heard fewer audio books than September and thought I'd share them sooner than usual. In fact I might start sharing … Continue reading My October Audio Books

September Audio Book

Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I have been procrastinating on my September audio ratings because I listened to so many! 😂 I will post in the order I favored them. 1.The Princess Bride This version  is amazing! I listened to it twice back to back. Everyone is always surprised … Continue reading September Audio Book