Two Mysteries This Week!

Author Tearra Rhodes, gave me a copy of her gemHe Said His Name Was Micah (The Micah Series Book 1), for an honest review. I love the narrator who captured the emotions perfectly. The book itself had humor I appreciated, and suspenseful moments that kept me hooked. The ending was a bit unusual which is … Continue reading Two Mysteries This Week!

My Audiobooks this Week

Happy Saturday!! This week I listened for the third time (or is it the fourth 🤔) to Lady Jayne Disappears, in less than a year! It is that good y'all! đź’• I've reviewed it in the past but for those who haven't read my review, it is a regency romance with mystery and humor. I … Continue reading My Audiobooks this Week

The Chamomile: Audio Book Review

It's been awhile since I've read a book set in Revolutionary era, so The Chamomile (Women of the American Revolution Series Book 1)was very refreshing! This book is filled with delicious American history, action, sibling love, friendship and of course romance. It's hard to put down, well in my case, difficult to stop listening tođź‘‚. … Continue reading The Chamomile: Audio Book Review

With Every Breath: Audio Review

What an amazing story that gives great insight into research done for tuberculosis! As always Elizabeth Camden touches an interesting subject đź’•! I always learn so much with Elizabeth Camden's books, I highly recommend any novel by her! I respect all historical authors but she has a special place in my heart probably making her … Continue reading With Every Breath: Audio Review

Love Renewed: Audio Review

Love Renewed (Second Chance With You Book 2) is a cozy Christmas story of a second chance at love. The author gave me the audio in exchange for an honest review and I rate it a 4 star. The narrator is pleasant and the story as romantic as a Hallmark Christmas movie can be. Where two … Continue reading Love Renewed: Audio Review

Catching Christmas: Audio Book Review

OMG!!! I honestly don't even know where to begin with this gem! I barely noticed my co-workers looking my way as I literally LOL. Two individuals actually tapped my shoulder with big smiles on their faces 'What are you listening to?' I was too jolly to be bothered by their interruption as I removed my buds … Continue reading Catching Christmas: Audio Book Review

Sword of Forgiveness: Audio Review

Author Debbie Lynne had me captivated from the beginning to end in her amazing novel Sword of Forgiveness (Winds of Change Book 1) It made me cringe with anger at the way Brithwin was treated and at how she was disregarded as a woman. However she had courage and strength that made me cheer her on when … Continue reading Sword of Forgiveness: Audio Review

High as the Heavens: Audio Book Review

High as the Heavens is one of the best WWI books I've ever heard! This novel has it all, action, suspense, duty, loyalty, love, and faith. Not to mention the narrator did a splendid job! I felt myself getting edgy when the characters working as spies for the British intelligence were on missions, especially knowing there was … Continue reading High as the Heavens: Audio Book Review

Inescapable: Audio Book Review

Inescapable (Road to Kingdom Book 1) Was the first book I've listened to by Nancy Mehl! The narrator was great and it was such a cozy mystery with a bit of humor and suspense, I can't believe I have been missing out! I love the emotions she portrayed of mother and daughter and I got a … Continue reading Inescapable: Audio Book Review

A Fall of Marigolds : Audio Review

This week I also listened to,A Fall of Marigolds, by Susan Meissner. This was an awesome time-slip novel were she brilliantly connects the history of the factory fire in Manhattan in September 1911 with the trade towers in 911, using a scarf.  The romance was a bit weak to me but still a great story.  … Continue reading A Fall of Marigolds : Audio Review