Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review

Was such a charming book! I love the friendship author Randy demonstrates here and his good sense of humor had me smiling throughout the story. Also, the acknowledgement that God changes lives when one surrenders does not go unnoticed. There were many Point of Views but it was easy to follow and I didn't really mind. … Continue reading Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review

Lady of a Thousand Treasures: Book Review

This was a sweet gothic historical romance, where Sandra Byrd takes you back in time to an intriguing mystery. I recommend to anyone who likes historical romance and steady pace novels. Without further ado I present to you: Lady of a Thousand Treasures (The Victorian Ladies Series) Product description Miss Eleanor Sheffield is a talented … Continue reading Lady of a Thousand Treasures: Book Review

Lethal Target : Book Review

This was a great suspense novel that was difficult to put down! Author Janice Cantore, did a great job of creating tension among the characters making everyone a suspect. It was easy for me to connect with Police Chief Tess who was new to town and drowned herself in work as a means to avoid … Continue reading Lethal Target : Book Review

Hidden Peril: Book Review

  This book is very intriguing and was a lot of fun trying to figure out who done it. I pretty much assumed it's all tied in with the Syrian killing that started the book but boy were there unexpected turns!  The mystery of all these killings somehow being tied in to this girl's shop kept … Continue reading Hidden Peril: Book Review

A Secret to Die For : Book Review 📙

A Secret to Die For was a very 'edge of the seat' kind of book. I think every chapter, except for the last, ended with the main characters in danger, making this a fast pace book difficult to put down! Aside from this, I love how Lisa's main characters were both dealing with grief, yet one had … Continue reading A Secret to Die For : Book Review 📙

The White Forest: Book Review

I had the privilege and pleasure of reviewing this awesome fantasy book for author Aviya Carmen. It is more for YA audience but, I truly enjoyed it. As the forest came to live, I found myself chuckling at the dialogue occurring. The creativity and the imagination of the author was outstanding! You can find the … Continue reading The White Forest: Book Review