Happy Saturday!!

Anyone interested in joining an awesome Readers and Dreamers Facebook group to promote reading Latino fiction and supporting immigrants? If so, join us here! https://facebook.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=739af063c16f4c6bb9277cef1&id=3b6e76ddb5&e=c3a2db83af Author Allison K. Garcia has created novels that give us a true insight at the leagal issues Latinos are facing in order to live out their dreams. She has a … Continue reading Happy Saturday!!

Happy Independence Day!!

Today the United States celebrated Independence Day. As I drove to work it was nice to see my city light up beautifully! This picture does not do it justice, but I've never claimed to be a good photographer 😂! This was one angle when I was leaving my house but they were coming from all directions … Continue reading Happy Independence Day!!