Love Renewed: Audio Review

Love Renewed (Second Chance With You Book 2) is a cozy Christmas story of a second chance at love. The author gave me the audio in exchange for an honest review and I rate it a 4 star. The narrator is pleasant and the story as romantic as a Hallmark Christmas movie can be. Where two … Continue reading Love Renewed: Audio Review

Book Coincidence?

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I had an aha moment when I opened two separate packages of books I had won. A memory tugged at me from Thanksgiving week when I had purchased: The Power of a Praying® Wife I had gone home and saw an email stating I'd won: Miles from Where We Started: A Novel … Continue reading Book Coincidence?

Six For Sunday! 💕

Happy 1st Sunday of December! Wow I can't believe how fast 2018 is flying. I want to thank everyone who has been with me on this journey so far 💕. I am grateful for ALL the likes, follows and comments! To show my appreciation I decided to share links from my top 6 commentators, according … Continue reading Six For Sunday! 💕

Catching Christmas: Audio Book Review

OMG!!! I honestly don't even know where to begin with this gem! I barely noticed my co-workers looking my way as I literally LOL. Two individuals actually tapped my shoulder with big smiles on their faces 'What are you listening to?' I was too jolly to be bothered by their interruption as I removed my buds … Continue reading Catching Christmas: Audio Book Review

The Case for Christmas Giveaway! UPDATE: Winner Lila Diller

The Case for Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger is a great book that actually mirrors 'The Case for Christ', except shorten to focus more on the birth. Also it additionally has plenty of historical Christmas side notes such as when the 25th was chosen as a date even though … Continue reading The Case for Christmas Giveaway! UPDATE: Winner Lila Diller

Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review

Was such a charming book! I love the friendship author Randy demonstrates here and his good sense of humor had me smiling throughout the story. Also, the acknowledgement that God changes lives when one surrenders does not go unnoticed. There were many Point of Views but it was easy to follow and I didn't really mind. … Continue reading Dunzy’s Coffee Shop : Book Review