With Every Breath: Audio Review

What an amazing story that gives great insight into research done for tuberculosis! As always Elizabeth Camden touches an interesting subject 💕! I always learn so much with Elizabeth Camden's books, I highly recommend any novel by her! I respect all historical authors but she has a special place in my heart probably making her … Continue reading With Every Breath: Audio Review

On Your Own: Book Review

This was an enjoyable book of short stories that brings pondering into the ways of life. Each chapter was a different captivating story where the characters were in some kind of predicament. Whether the character was witnessing a murder, fighting a traffic ticket, or simply reflecting on life in a bar, Author Jonathan Miller had … Continue reading On Your Own: Book Review

When the Butterflies Dance : Book Review

This is another fabulous historical romance by author Kim Williams! The way she captures the emotions of the characters and their relatable trials had me on pins and needles.  As I rode through the twists and turns in Katherine's and Ben's estrange marriage, I wanted to get inside the book and help them out. I … Continue reading When the Butterflies Dance : Book Review